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Transit Safety, Training, and Recruitment Specialist

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Location: Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Job Status: Full-time
Job ID: 90236

The City of Steamboat Springs has a great opportunity in our Transit division as a Training, Safety, and Recruitment Specialist! This is a Full-time, benefited position.

This individual performs routine and complex supervision of operations of the Transit Division on an assigned shift. Provides training and evaluation of full time and seasonal transit employees as assigned. Serves as the administrator of the City's Drug and Alcohol testing program. Facilitates the recruiting / hiring process for transit employees. Ensures all employee files are up to date with FTA, DOT, CDL, drug & alcohol testing, training acknowledgements, transit standard operating policies and procedures, and post incidents / collisions training and follow up.


  • Provides training to new drivers, supervisors, and mechanics as well as advanced training to full time, returning drivers, and supervisors to meet U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Transit Administration standards, Colorado Commercial Driver's License requirements, City policies including safety standards, and Drug and Alcohol testing requirements.

  • Conducts driver reviews with each seasonal and full-time driver to monitor driver's skills and his/her compliance with professional standards. Maintains accurate records of ongoing driver performance and uses these records to provide tailored training for long-term staff members.

  • Serves as the administrator of the City's Drug and Alcohol program (D.E.R., Designated Employer Representative) to insure compliance with Federal Transit Administration, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Federal Aviation Administration, as well as the City's comprehensive drug and alcohol testing policy. This includes administration and monitoring of the random testing program, maintenance of records, training, and adherence to federal regulations and city policy.

  • Supervises the city's CDL program and maintains records and testing standards for compliance with state requirements. Reviews results of annual audits and makes any necessary adjustments to meet state CDL testing standards. Attends; bi-annual State of Colorado CDL Third Party Tester's Continuing Education Seminars.

  • Processes all reports to include proper documentation, record keeping, and communication with City's risk manager, fleet maintenance, and transit management. Also, works with transit staff as needed for support and refresher training after incidents and accidents.

  • Leads all recruiting and staffing efforts to ensure that proper staffing levels are met. Takes the lead in creating job placement ads, planning the interview process, setting up housing for staff, and facilitates the on-boarding process for new staff members. Ensures new staff members are prepared to meet all local CDL licensing requirements as well as fitness for initial duty.

  • Perform necessary DOT required safety inspections.

  • Issues clear written and oral instructions.

  • Audits the transit system for compliance with regulations, standards, and laws. Provides the operations supervisor with these reports.

  • Responds to public concerns and inquiries relative to department policies, practices and procedures.

  • Disciplines employees in accordance with city policies (post-accident/incident, and in safety related matters).

  • Works to maintain a safe environment for transit employees. Ensures proper documentation and follow up of employee on the job injuries, to include retraining of employee and/or mitigation of hazardous situations.

  • Adjusts errors and investigate complaints.

  • Evaluates driver performance and keeps accurate daily records of operations, including Vehicle Inspection Reports (V.I.R.'s) and ridership counts.

  • May provide road call service or assistance to drivers on assigned shift.

  • Operates transit vehicles in accordance with the standard operating policies and procedures of Steamboat Springs Transit, as well as the City of Steamboat Springs PARM on route on an as needed basis.

  • Inspects and arranges service for fire extinguishers in all buses and in transit facilities.

  • Will ensure that Steamboat Springs Transit is current on all applicable federal, state, local, and city requirements.

  • Provides assistance to the city human resource department in keeping up to date on rules and regulations, and ensuring all staff members are in compliance with FTA, DOT FMCSA, and CDL regulations. Ensures records are properly kept for all Operations Service Reports, post-accident follow-up documentation, training acknowledgements signed by each staff member, and testing documentation for the proficiency that each staff member must demonstrate for the operations of a transit bus.

  • Keeps all transit staff files current to ensure "fitness for duty" per DOT requirements.


Education and Experience:

A. Graduation from High School or equivalent; and

B. Two years of supervisory experience; and

C. Three years of transportation administration experience; and

D. Any equivalent combination of education and experience.

Preferred Qualifications:

College course work, experience or certification in Training and/or Safety principles.

Necessary Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

A. Considerable knowledge of municipal transit operations and applicable principles, practices and methods including thorough knowledge of applicable City policies, laws, and regulations.

B. Skill in operating City buses.

C. Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing.

D. Becomes knowledgeable of the bus schedule and the area, including activities and events, to answer customer inquiries in a courteous and patient manner at all times.

E. Experience with recruitment in seasonal of high volume environments preferred.

F. Neat appearance and ability to deal effectively and courteously with the public.

G. Must be able to work long hours and not be subjected to burnout or high stress.

H. Must be able to safely work in an environment with light to moderate physical activity.

I. Must be able to safely work in an environment where the supervisor will be operating at highway speeds requiring acute perception and quick reflexes.

J. No mental, emotional or physical limitation per the Federal Department of Transportation regulations that would limit the supervisor's ability to perform assigned duties.

K. May operate vehicle outside of city limits without readily available assistance resources.


A. Must pass pre-employment Drug and Alcohol Screen; and

B. Must be 21 years of age and possess, or be qualified to attain, a valid Colorado Commercial Driver's License with appropriate endorsements; and

C. Motor Vehicle Records must show that you have not accumulated more than four points on your license in the past three years; and

D. Must be able to comply with City of Steamboat Springs and Steamboat Springs Transit standard operating procedures; and

E. Must not have had a DUI in the past 7 years or a DWAI in the past 5 years.

If you feel you're the fit for this position, we look forward to reviewing your resume and cover letter!

Compensation is $23.96/hr. to $32.35/hr. DOQ. (Annually $49,842 - $67.286 + DOQ) EOE.

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