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Chief Executive Officer

California High-Speed Rail Authority
Sacramento, California

Job ID: 155005
Job Status: Full-time

Are you ready to spearhead a monumental transformation in transportation? The California High-Speed Rail Authority is seeking an exceptional individual to serve as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This is not just a leadership role - it's an opportunity to leave an indelible mark on the state and the nation by driving forward the development and implementation of one of the most ambitious infrastructure projects in modern history.

As the CEO, you will:

  • Shape Policy and Influence Decision-Making: Represent the Authority at the highest levels of government and engage with stakeholders to champion the vision and objectives of the high-speed rail program.

  • Architect the Future: Develop comprehensive plans and strategies for the planning, construction, and operation of California's statewide high-speed rail network, ensuring alignment with broader transportation goals and societal needs.

  • Ensure Excellence in Execution: Oversee the meticulous planning, execution, and management of all facets of the program, from procurement and construction to operations and maintenance, while adhering to strict timelines and performance metrics.

  • Forge Collaborative Partnerships: Foster strong relationships with internal teams, external contractors, government agencies, and international entities to foster collaboration, innovation, and successful project delivery.

  • Govern with Precision: Direct the Authority's internal operations across various functional areas, including Administration, Finance, Legal, Communications, and Program Delivery, ensuring seamless coordination and operational efficiency.

  • Champion the Mission: Lead the charge in fulfilling the Authority's mission of revolutionizing transportation in California through the development of a world-class high-speed rail system, while adhering to legal and procedural frameworks.

  • Become a Catalyst for Change: Take part in shaping history as we embark on the journey to build the nation's inaugural high-speed rail network, positioning California as a trailblazer in sustainable, efficient, and accessible transportation infrastructure.

If you're driven by a passion for innovation, public service, and making a tangible impact on the future, then seize this opportunity to be at the helm of a transformative project that will redefine the way Californians travel and connect. Join us in building the future of transportation for California.

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