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Chief Mechanical Officer

Keolis North America
Location TBD

Job ID: 152587
Job Status: Full-time

Reports to:
- General Manager

Direct Reports:
- Superintendent of Maintenance
- Assistant Superintendent of Maintenance
- Manager of Facilities
- Life Cycle Maintenance Data Analysist/Accounting
- Manager of Mechanical Safety & Training (Indirect Report)

Job Purpose
Responsible for all aspects of the maintenance of locomotives, coaches and facilities. The Superintendent of Maintenance and the Manager of Facility Maintenance will both report to the CMO and he will be responsible for their daily efforts, and those of the equipment and facility maintenance personnel whom they direct, in fully developing and implementing, in concert with the LCM program for the fleet and maintenance facilities.

Duties and Responsibilities
Directing equipment maintenance activities, including but not limited to:

  • Inspection, Maintenance, Repair, and Cleaning;
  • Maintenance planning for all revenue and non-revenue rolling stock, shops and yards;
  • Daily interaction and cooperation with staff and other involved parties;
  • Integration of new rolling stock into Service;
  • Oversight of all training activities;
  • Providing oversight and direction for all production planning activities;
  • Developing maintenance programs that maximize useful life and performance for all of equipment assets;

    • Guiding and directing the development and implementation of the LCM program;
    • Assuring the availability of sufficient resources to compile LCM program components;

  • Perform all aspects of the agreement scope of services in compliance with rules and regulations and to the high-quality standards.

Safety-Related Duties and Responsibilities
  • Customer and employee safety and security;
  • Ensuring the consistent application of all safety rules and regulations;
  • Oversees and is responsible for the safe conduct of all maintenance activities and facilities activities;
  • Actively Participate in Management Safety Committee Meeting;
  • Review Weekly Safety Pulse Calls
  • Yard Safety Audits
  • Participate in 217 Efficiency Testing Program

  • Education

    • High School Graduate
    • Bachelor's Degree Preferred

  • Specialized knowledge

    • Extensive knowledge of railroad regulations, safety practices, rolling stock and locomotive maintenance practices and requirements

  • Skills

    • Organizational Management
    • Personnel Management and Leadership
    • Financial Management (Budgets/Cost Control/Pricing)

  • Abilities

    • Ability to develop, lead and manage an effective maintenance organization within a railroad environment

  • Other characteristics such as personal characteristics

    • Leadership of departmental organization
    • Effective member of senior management team

  • Professional Certification

    • NIMS ICS 100
    • NIMS IS 700

  • Experience

    • 15 years’ experience in railroading with extensive maintenance responsibility

Working Conditions
  • Be available twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week; and
  • Be fully empowered to make all mechanical operating and facilities maintenance decisions on behalf of the Contractor and have Contract signing authority subject to the Contractor’s procedures.

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