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General Manager

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Location: Portland, Oregon
Job Status: Full-time
Job ID: 130724

As TriMet’s chief executive officer reporting to a seven-member Board of Directors (Board) appointed by the Governor of Oregon, the General Manager has the full authority for leading and directing the administration and operation of the Tri- County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (District), as authorized by Oregon Revised Statutes, Chapter 267.140.

TriMet’s General Manager has both internal and external facing responsibilities, which include overseeing safety and security, the customer experience, system development and operations, maintenance, community, government and corporate relations, business strategy, and short and long range strategic and financial planning.

TriMet’s General Manager is responsible for implementing Board policy and setting the strategic direction of the District in line with community goals and needs and leads and collaborates closely with the executive team to operationalize that strategy.

Most importantly, the General Manager builds a culture of safety and customer service through effective leadership and role modeling. The General Manager Implements practices that show safety and customer service are fundamental to all aspects of the District’s operations.

Equity is a fundamental value. The General Manager is also responsible for leading and directing a diverse, inclusive and equitable workforce that promotes diversity, inclusion and equity in all operations and the communities served.


The District’s General Manager shall:

  1. Have full charge of the acquisition, construction, maintenance and operation of the District’s public transit system.

  2. Have full charge of the administration of the business affairs of the District.

  3. Enforce all ordinances adopted by the Board.

  4. Administer the personnel system adopted by the Board and, except for officers appointed by the Board, appoint, discipline or remove all officers and employees subject to ORS 267.010 to 267.390 and the rules of the Board.

  5. Prepare and submit to the Board within 30 days after the end of each fiscal year a complete report of the finances and administrative activities of the District for that preceding fiscal year.

  6. Keep the Board advised as to the needs of the District.

  7. Prepare all plans and specifications for acquisition of equipment or construction of improvements or facilities for the District.

  8. Ensure installation and maintenance of a system of auditing and accounting that shows completely and at all times the financial condition of the District.

  9. Devote the entire working time of the General Manager to the business of the District.

  10. Direct the preparation of the Board meeting agenda. Attend the meetings of the Board unless prevented from doing so by absence or disability. The General Manager may participate in Board deliberations but has no vote.

  11. Perform such other duties, as the Board requires by resolution.

Essential Functions:

Board Relations
  • Develop and maintain positive working relationships with members of the Board in order to identify, promote and implement policies, goals and programs to meet established and forecasted community and District needs.

  • Keep the Board advised of trends in the transportation, renewable energy, land use, and environmental industries that affect current and future operations.

  • Provide the Board with on-going financial updates and provide recommendations to achieve a balanced budget that meets the needs of the organization and the community.
Innovative and Visionary Executive Leadership
  • Through collaboration with the executive team, lead a multi-modal, complex customer-centric, taxpayer-financed organization with an emphasis on operations, safety, security, maintenance, sustainability, equity and accessibility.

  • Provide creative leadership in planning and delivery of transit services with an eye toward first-mile and last-mile solutions, incorporating new technologies and new service delivery models, fostering economic development, reducing greenhouse gases, and responding to changing demographics and environmental and health and safety issues.

  • Work closely and collaboratively with the executive team to develop and implement strategies and initiatives that consider input from internal and external stakeholders and build, promote and protect public trust in a safe and high-quality level of service.

  • Oversee the development, implementation and updating of the District’s business plan and key strategic initiatives.

  • Ensure implementation and enforcement of ordinances and resolutions adopted by the Board and work with legal counsel in matters requiring interpretation or application of law.

  • Provide prudent executive oversight in planning and budgeting of the District’s resources in a sustainable manner and ensuring effective and secure internal controls are in place, including technology systems to support an efficient organization.

  • Build programs to maintain existing ridership, attract new riders and bring past riders back to the system that left due to COVID-19 or other reasons, thus ensuring a robust and resilient system.
Alignment with Federal, State and Local Standards
  • Ensure the District’s services and programs are consistent with Federal state of good repair and State and regional transportation system plans and capital improvement priorities.

  • Ensure the District promotes integration of adopted land use and renewable energy initiatives and transportation plans.
Employee Relations
  • Establish a positive and engaged organizational culture of strong internal and external customer service that supports the District’s vision, mission and values.

  • Advance diversity, equity and inclusion by engaging in community outreach and hiring and promoting a high performing, diverse team that reflects the communities it serves.

  • Provide executive oversight of employee relations, including administration of the District’s Equal Employment Opportunity program and Affirmative Action Plan.

  • Effectively collaborate and engage with represented and non-represented employees and also work collaboratively with union leadership to build a trusted partnership which will lead to future contract agreements that are fair for both the District and represented employees.

  • Oversee the development of objectives for and negotiation of collective bargaining agreements and other labor relations matters including employee training.
Partnerships and Community Relations
  • Develop public support for the District’s business and growth initiatives through on-going, direct and engaging outreach activities in which leadership listens and responds to the needs of a highly diverse community.

  • Collaborate and engage with riders, elected and appointed officials, Federal, State and local agencies, businesses, organized labor, the faith-based community, the disabled community, public constituencies, non-governmental organizations, education and health leaders, the press and other stakeholders to promote and meet regional objectives.

  • Provide to stakeholders transparency and insight into the District’s implementation of programs, policies, finances and services to inform and strengthen the communities served.

Culture of Safety and Security
  • Ensure a safe and secure, customer-centric and friendly operating environment for riders, employees and the public.

  • Promote a culture of safety and engage the workforce in adopting safety expectations.

Skills and Attributes:
The successful candidate will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to:
  • Maintain a high level of integrity and professionalism at all times.

  • Champion and be an active player in the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion both at the District and across the community.

  • Address climate change and champion other environmental initiatives at the District and across the region.

  • Promote equitable transit solutions that solve current and future transportation related challenges impacting the community.

  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with all employees and challenge the District’s employees at all levels to think “out of the box” in order to offer customer-centric solutions that are innovative and advance customer service.

  • Engage, listen, meet with and respond to the public, including choice and transit dependent riders that come from culturally diverse backgrounds, low-income communities, the elderly community, people with disabilities and/or other vulnerable populations in order to direct the District to provide transit solutions that meet the needs of all customers.

  • Work effectively to ensure a highly collaborative environment between the District and its partners by listening and seeking to consider all informed opinions into planning and strategy development activities.

  • Facilitate and lead with respect for all, listen well and build and advocate a vision for the organization while cultivating innovation among staff.

  • Plan and implement new and innovative transit solutions taking into consideration the needs of the community, future of public transportation options and the need for new service delivery models.

  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing to a wide variety of stakeholders, appointed and elected officials, industry peers and other stakeholders.

  • Organize resources of the District effectively and efficiently in order to provide the highest level of customer service possible.

  • Lead a highly diverse team and delegate authority effectively and resolve problems diplomatically including planning for emergency response.

  • Make decisions based upon thoughtful analysis including impacts to transit rider experience, using independent judgment and a fair and balanced approach that ensures the greatest inclusivity of needs possible.

  • Make the District more efficient, competitive and customer friendly through the savvy use of technology.

  • Establish policies and procedures that represent a fair balance between the needs of the employees and the public that communicate and reflect the District’s vision, mission and values.

  • Establish and maintain a collaborative working relationship with Union leadership, and apply collective bargaining principles and practices in a fair, equitable and sustainable manner.

  • Apply innovative and best practice principles and practices of government finance and accounting to develop a comprehensive and balanced budget that provides long term financial sustainability.

  • Oversee and direct transit-oriented capital projects, including identifying and securing local, state and federal funding and execute system-wide expansion programs that are on-time and on-budget.

  • Understand and advocate for land use rules and laws that are supportive of public transit ridership, i.e., transit-oriented development.

Education and Experience Required:
The successful candidate will have a minimum of fifteen (15) years of progressively responsible general management experience in a private or public environment of similar complexity to TriMet to include a minimum of ten (l0) years directing senior-level staff involved with daily operations and administration functions. A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is required and an advanced degree in management or other professional certification is highly desired. An equivalent combination of related higher education and experience may be substituted for these stated minimums qualifications excluding High School Diploma, GED, Licenses, or Certifications.

Interested parties should contact Gregg Moser, Principal at K&A, via email at to submit a cover letter and resume or to obtain additional information.


TriMet is a public body subject to Oregon law regarding the disclosure of public records. To the greatest extent permitted by law, TriMet will respect an applicant’s request for confidentiality and only disclose confidential information if ordered to do so. If you are selected as a final candidate, prior to final appointment by the Board of Directors, your name may be publicly disclosed. Please complete the following questions regarding your preferences for confidentiality:

YES [ ] NO [ ] - I am submitting this application with the understanding that TriMet will keep any and all aspects of my application, including my name, confidential and will only disclose any aspect of my application if ordered to do so or if I become a final candidate. I would not submit this application without this pledge of confidentiality from TriMet.

YES [ ] NO [ ] - I oppose disclosure of any and all aspects of my application, including my name unless and until I become a final candidate because of the following:

[ ] Disclosure would harm my current employment relationship

[ ] Disclosure would cause some other significant harm to me (identify harm here or in a supplemental document)

If you need accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act for any part of the application process, contact our Human Resources staff at 503-962-7505, or the TTY line at 711. Note that we require a minimum of two workdays' notice prior to the need for accommodation.

TriMet is an equal opportunity employer, committed to developing an organization that is reflective of and sensitive to the needs of the diverse community we serve, including veterans, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities.

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