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Transit Equipment Mechanic

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Location: Gardena, California
Job Status: Full-time
Job ID: 128729

Under general direction, diagnoses, troubleshoots and performs tune-ups, services and major mechanical repairs to a variety of transit passenger buses, vans, City vehicles and other power-driven and mechanical equipment.

Representative Duties

  • Performs routine preventative maintenance inspections on passenger buses, city vehicles and equipment; diagnoses, troubleshoots and determines the extent of necessary repairs.

  • Performs overhauls, repairs and/or adjustments on a variety of diesel, gasoline, hybrid, CNG, battery electric and alternative fuel-powered transit passenger buses, vans, city vehicles and shop equipment.

  • Troubleshoots, repairs, or installs and performs preventative maintenance on transit passenger bus, vans and city vehicles.

  • Able to diagnose, repair or replace components including new and rebuilt engines, transmissions, differentials, air-conditioning systems, and compressors.

  • Performs diagnosis and repair of wheelchair lifts and ramps, fare boxes, destination sign systems, lighting systems, drive motor and generators, and gearboxes.

  • Repairs and reconditions electrical systems, performs valve adjustments, tune-ups, tests and repairs starters. Recharges batteries; repairs and replaces such other components as generators, distributors, relays, lights and switches, and various other electrical components.

  • Diagnoses, relines and adjusts air and hydraulic brake systems; diagnoses and repairs axles and attachments.

  • Refaces, reseats and adjusts valves; replaces, fits and adjusts pistons, rings and bearings; replaces rods and gears; cleans, repairs and replaces carburetors, fuel lines and gauges.

  • Fabricates special maintenance equipment; brazes, welds and cuts various metals; uses electric and oxy-acetylene welding outfits and cutting torches.

  • Replaces a variety of interior and exterior body parts such as bumpers, body panels, glass, doors, fare boxes, bicycle racks, seats, and destination sign systems; repairs and paints both interior and exterior body parts and panels.

  • Performs basic machine shop work; steam cleans parts and equipment; maintains shop and cleans up after working on specific assignments; mop, sweep, pick up debris, pressure wash and scrub floors with the use of a pressure washer and floor scrubber.

  • Maintains paper and electronic records of preventative maintenance, time, materials, parts and work performed. Drives vehicle to and from service bays; responds to road calls, performs bus exchanges; may be required to perform work in the field.

  • May work on heavy diesel equipment and overhauling auto transmissions.

  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Organizational Responsibilities
Positions in this class are assigned to the Transportation Department garage and reports directly to the Transit Maintenance Manager or designated Lead, Supervisor or Manager.

Education and Experience
Equivalent to graduation from high school or trade school AND a minimum of four (4) years of experience performing mechanical maintenance and repair work on buses, heavy equipment and/or vehicles as a journeyman mechanic. Additional skilled experience may be substituted for the required high school education on a year-for-year basis to a maximum of two years. Experience in the diagnosis, repair and maintenance of bus HVAC systems is desirable. Experience maintaining electric or hybrid electric and Cummins ISLG powered vehicles is highly desirable.

Knowledge, Abilities and Skills

Knowledge of: Basic methods of mechanics and mechanic tools and equipment; bus and/or heavy truck mechanical, fuel, ignition, electrical and cooling systems and their repair and adjustment; operation and care of internal combustion engines, equipment chassis and parts; HVAC and various alternative fuel, electrical, hybrid, Cummins ISLG, diesel and gasoline engines; oxy-acetylene and electric welding, fabrication equipment and their operation; computerized management systems; methods and procedures of safe handling and disposing of hazardous materials, and safety practices and procedures used in the operation of hand and power tools. Thorough knowledge of electrical generation and storage as utilized in electric or hybrid electric vehicles.

Ability to: Use laptop computers and diagnostic scanners to aid in the diagnosis of problems used in the overhaul, repair and adjustment of motor equipment; make mechanical repairs to a variety of automotive and truck equipment; operate automotive and machine shop tools such as lathes, drills, presses, grinders, reamers and brake relining machines; accurately diagnose mechanical, electrical and computer-related trouble; utilize computer diagnostic tools; Ability to: read, write, and communicate in English at the appropriate level to comprehend and follow instructions; perform simple and repetitive tasks; maintain a work pace appropriate to a given work load, maintain work, time, material, repair and parts records and perform complex and varied tasks as assigned; assist other mechanics in the performance of mechanical repairs as required; make decisions/evaluations without immediate supervision; diagnose multiplex wiring systems including read ladder logic tables.

Must possess a valid Class B California Driver's License with passenger and airbrake endorsements at time of application.

Physical Demands and Working Conditions
Work is performed indoors and occasionally outdoors and may involve excessive noise, extreme temperatures, humidity or wetness, dust, gas, fumes, odors or chemicals, dust or wind, vibration, toxic substances, radiation, explosive or electrical and mechanical hazards. Work involves physical demands such as sitting, walking, standing, bending (neck & from waist), reaching (up and down), stooping, kneeling, crawling, twisting (neck and waist); use of hands in simple and power grasp, fine manipulation; driving/steering, pushing/pulling; required to lift and carry up to 75 pounds. Working at heights requiring the use of fall arrest equipment; walking and working on uneven surfaces; working while wearing various types of personal protective equipment including but not limited to; safety glasses or face shields, electric shock prevention gloves and boots, face masks and/or respirators, reflective work clothing or other protective equipment as may be required by the City of Gardena Transportation Department or other Regulatory Agencies.

Testing Process:
Minimum Qualifications - Pass/Fail
Supplemental Questions - Pass/Fail
Oral Interview - 100% of total score

Candidates must pass all examinations to be placed on the eligibility list.


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