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Safety, Security and Training Officer

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Location: York, Pennsylvania
Job Status: Full-time
Job ID: 113880

Job Summary
The position is critical in assisting rabbittransit in meeting our mission of mobility. The impact of public transportation runs much deeper than a trip from point A to point B. We are the means for which people have access to experiences that alter their lives in meaningful ways. Our culture of innovation and stewardship champions that mission.

  • Acts as the Chief Safety Officer for the Authority.

  • This position plans, directs, and implements organization’s Safety Management System (SMS), Security and Emergency Response programs on behalf of the Executive Director. Works with Senior Staff to ensure a safe, healthy, and accident-free work environment; ensures efficient and safe public transportation while conducting quality control observations and related tasks.

  • Directs hazard identification, security and safety risk evaluations. Monitors mitigation activities related to Safety and Security for the Authority.

  • Provides periodic reports on safety performance. Maintains Safety Documentation. Plans and organizes safety management training. The scale of these functions will vary depending on the needs of the organization.

  • Ensures that Authority safety policies and procedures are adhered to; conducts safety audits; determines training needs, develops and delivers appropriate safety-related and other operational training and provides follow-up as needed.

  • Conducts investigations into revenue and non-revenue vehicle accidents and workers’ compensation claims; processes all related documents; follows-up all claims to ensure timely resolution. Conducts root cause analyses to identify and resolve issues; identifies trends and makes recommendations as needed.

  • Oversees all new-hire training and provides assistance to gain certification and endorsements. Orientating and teaching skills to new hires during the on-boarding process; and evaluating for release to revenue service. Assists operations in evaluating operator performance and documentation; customer service incidents; and back-up to operating positions as necessary. This is a safety sensitive position subject to the rules and regulations of the Drug and Alcohol Policy.

Key/Reporting Relationship/Direct Reports:
This position reports to the Director of Human Resources. This position receives general instructions regarding the scope of assignments and relation to the Authority’s strategic goals. The position exercises discretion and independent judgment involving the strategies of selecting, implementing, and evaluating safety, security, emergency response and training initiatives related to the position.

This position also reports to the Executive Director in regards to Safety & Security.

The Safety & Training Coordinators, Safety Clerk and related staff regarding the Authorities training program report to this position.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Achieves the Authority’s mission and strategic goals by analyzing organizational results, job requirements, operational problems, current training, and future development needs to identify training and safety initiatives.

  • Contributes to acquiring a competent staff by conducting applicant and promotion interviews, and making selection recommendations to HR Director.

  • Engages operators to learn presented material by researching, designing, or purchasing training programs and media, introducing new trends in training, keeping material relevant and interesting.

  • Oversee the four following elements the Safety Management Policy by periodic review, recommendations and compliance activities:

    • Safety Management Policy Statement including reviews and promotion of the policy throughout the organization.

    • Safety Accountabilities and Responsibilities by tracking and interaction with all levels of staff to ensure transparency in the safety management priorities: for the Board of Directors, the Executive Director and for the employees.

    • Integration with Public Safety & Emergency Management by interfacing with external organizations. Ensure the coordination in plans for dealing with emergencies.

    • SMS Documentation and Records including objectives, requirements, activities, accountabilities, responsibilities and authorities for the SMS process and activities.

  • Coordinate with others and/or perform Safety Risk Management by implementing hazard identification and safety risk mitigation efforts.

    • Identify safety deficiencies, hazards and consequences during hazard identification.

    • Conduct ongoing efforts to collect, record, analyze and generating feedback about hazards.

  • Coordinate Safety Assurance programs by systematic and ongoing monitoring and recording of safety performance.

    • Ensure that safety mitigations activities are being implemented.

    • Verify that the safety mitigation activities are appropriate and effective.

    • Identify new hazards or safety deficiencies that many not have been originally identified and addressed during the safety risk management process.

    • Monitor service delivery activities including field observations.

  • Oversee the Employee Safety Reporting Program by encouraging and providing a means for employees to report safety issues or concerns.

    • Conducts safety audits, studies, reviews and inspections targeted at the performance of specific safety risk mitigation strategies.

    • Conduct safety surveys to examine particular elements or activities of a specific operation.

    • Conduct safety investigations to identify hazards or ineffective safety risk mitigations.

  • Works for Continuous Improvement by leading a process in which the authority examines safety performance to identify safety deficiencies and carrying out plans to address the identified safety deficiencies.

  • Leads efforts for Safety Promotion by setting the tone for the Authority and helping to establish and maintain a robust safety culture.

    • Works with employees for a consistent, effective and two-way communication between management and the front line.

    • Enhances the characteristics of effective training by leading the safety training development process.

    • Provides training for executive and management level employees on safety data management.

    • Design and/or develop safety training curriculum and courses.

  • Reinforces and/or develops bus operator knowledge and skills by training, training method review and oversight of non-CDL & CDL training/retraining.

    • Works with trainers, supervisors and/or managers to monitor new operators during their introductory period.

    • Recommends and/or monitors actions of all new employees in the training process to their respective divisional leaders or operations.

  • Meets all legal and procedural requirements by ensuring compliance with provisions of the ADA, FTA, PennDot, and CBA, etc. Upholds and enforces all Substance Abuse Policy regulations and provisions and CPTA policies. Recommends personnel actions to the Operations.

  • Responds and/ or assist with response to accidents or emergencies by obtaining details, informing appropriate management, emergency personnel, or law enforcement; obtaining help for drivers and rerouting other vehicles to pick up passengers. Coordinates drug testing if required.

  • Ensures safety by investigating and analyzing accidents to determine cause, reporting findings and recommending action. Ensures all protocol is adhered to and that all reports are complete and timely. Make determination for preventability and recommendations for remedial training and/or actions to operations. Follow procedures to ensure the accounting department receives any monetary reimbursements for damage from claimants.

  • Administers the workers’ compensation program by investigating claims, verifying incident reports, coordinating between doctors/insurance and processing claims. Ensures a safe return to work by following up with claimant and offering modified duty according to procedure. Completes WC log; analyzes root causes and makes recommendations to ensure safe working environments and containment of WC costs.

  • Ensures consistency of emergency operations, safety and security training by recommending/writing policies, procedures and/or actions as needed to enhance the safety and delivery of the transportation services. Ensure periodic evaluation of progress of strategic goals and make adjustments as needed. Follow up on driver identified safety concerns for correction and reports findings to appropriate staff.

  • Responds to situations by driving transit vehicles to back-up operators, or responding to emergencies.

  • Oversees or completes record keeping and documentation by compiling a variety of data for the purpose of developing formal reports; conveying information; and complying with procedures or mandated requirements.

  • Maintains cooperative relationship with coworkers and management by communicating necessary information, responding to requests, building rapport; and participating in problem solving methods.

  • Supervises assigned staff to include: prioritizing and assigning work; conducting performance evaluations; ensuring that employees follow policies and procedures; and making hiring, termination, and disciplinary decisions and recommendations.

  • Maintains trust, confidence and a positive image of the organization by keeping information confidential and disclosing only on a need-to-know basis; ensuring high ethical standards for self and staff; and using good customer service skills to meet standards with both internal and external customers.

  • Ensures communication and positive image of Authority by reviewing critical incidents, exceptions to policy and/or goal achievement with Human Resources, Operations and communicating to designated staff as necessary.

  • Contributes to effective communications within the organization by establishing and maintaining effective communication lines with all staff members and general public. Keeps management and staff informed of critical incidents and information needed to ensure smooth operations.

  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational classes, workshops; maintaining detailed knowledge of service area, policies for operations and drivers, and service requirements. Serves as a resource to use technology to improve efficiency and implement strategic goals.

  • Leads the Executive Level Safety committee reviewing incidents, trends, and safety metrics along with planning for mitigation efforts. Identify strategic safety management functions and recommend what resources are allocated to achieve for agreed safety performance.

  • Leads the Senior Staff and Management Security Coordination Meetings

    • Lead quarterly meetings to review recommendations for changes to plans and processes.

    • Maintain documentation of security coordination meetings.

  • Acts as the Primary Security Coordinator for the Authority under the direction of the Executive Director

    • Works with frontline supervision and management to outline their responsibilities in response to security or emergency situations.

    • Designates alternate security coordinators as needed.

  • Oversees the elements the System Security Plan by periodic review, recommendations and compliance activities:

    • Reviews and updates the plans at least annually or when circumstances warrant.

    • Monitors Security Accountabilities and Responsibilities by tracking and interaction with all levels of staff including periodic training, briefings, and interactions.

    • Integration with Public Safety & Emergency Management by interfacing with external organizations. Ensure the coordination in plans for dealing with emergencies.

Additional Tasks: Contributes to CPTA team effort by performing other assigned duties as needed.

Job requirements:
Requirements listed represent the knowledge, skill, and/or ability, mental/physical demands and work environments required to perform the essential job functions. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Essential knowledge, skills, abilities and experience:
  • HS degree or equivalent is required. Prefer college degree.

  • Five years of experience in safety preferred.

  • Ability to understand transit system operation and service area.

  • Understanding of HR legal requirements for compliance in carrying out duties and organizational initiatives.

  • Understanding of driver competencies and ability to transfer that knowledge to evaluate candidates.

  • Ability to lead, encourage, coach and develop others.

  • Ability to be curious and learn from asking questions and to use active listening skills.

  • Experience in using personal computers, applications, and proficiency in Word, Excel and applicant tracking software.

  • Excellent concentration; ability to handle multiple tasks within a distracting environment.

  • Good working knowledge of English, grammar, punctuation, spelling, style, etc. with the ability to read and write reports, letters and communication memos. Ability to communicate effectively to groups.

  • Ability to analyze situations and solve problems in a timely manner. Ability to apply legal regulations and CBA to established policies.

  • Able to function effectively under stress and remain calm and collected.

  • Ability to be detail oriented, organized, accurate, and able to prioritize work tasks.

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.

  • Ability to maintain compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

  • Ability to be self-motivated and results-oriented to accomplish objectives.

  • Ability to adapt to changing priorities based on organizational needs.

  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with operators, clients, and staff to gain information and support in accomplishing goals. Ability to interact courteously with diverse internal and external customers.

  • Ability to convey a positive and professional image to applicants, staff and outside contacts.

  • Ability to bring credibility to the HR function through professional qualities and a high level of integrity.

  • Ability to travel for meetings, training purposes or other organizational needs with occasional overnight requirements.

  • Must meet hiring qualifications of an acceptable driving record and background verification in accordance with CPTA standards.

  • Must have regular attendance and punctuality.

Certificates and Licenses Required:
  • Must possess valid class "B" Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with a passenger endorsement and air brake restriction lifted operator’s license that is not under suspension or revocation, and possess current automobile insurance coverage.

  • Must possess a valid DOT medical card.

  • This is a safety sensitive position subject to US DOT Drug and Alcohol pre-employment, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion and return to duty testing.

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