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Assistant Manager, Bus and Rail Operations (Operations Command Center)

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Location: Portland, Oregon
Job Status: Full-time
Job ID: 109046

Manage daily shift activities of TriMet's Operations Command Center (OCC), including control and direction of real-time service delivery for the fixed-route bus and MAX light rail system. Develop, coordinate and implement operational orders and daily OCC activities for normal, degraded, and emergency service including special service. Responsible for top performance management environment of OCC Rail Controllers and Bus Dispatchers and associated employees, including labor relations issues. Assist in hiring, training and development of Rail Controllers and Bus Dispatchers. Accountable to ensure that rules, procedures, and instructions are followed. Assist in determining OCC functional requirements and plans related to TriMet service expansion, and related to OCC communications and transportation supervisory equipment systems. Ensure a commitment to safety through effective leadership, role modeling and implementing practices that demonstrate safety is a fundamental value and a priority in all aspects of work. Includes support and implementation of the Trimet Safety Management System (SMS).

Essential Functions

  1. Maintain Bus Dispatcher and Rail Controller competency. Ensure collaboration between OCC, Transportation, Service Delivery and Field Operations to develop and implement operational strategies and respond to accidents or emergencies, service disruptions, inclement weather, natural disasters, and special events. Ensure an effective and positive working relationship with the Maintenance division to ensure essential and timely responses including up to date situational awareness during events.

  2. During incidents and service delays: responsible to ensure that Dispatcher and Controller responsibilities are adequately aligned to resolve the issue in a timely manner. Responsible for communicating regarding the incident to internal TriMet personnel (for example: PIO, CS, Directors, Executives) using email templates or other supported technologies. Acts as the point of contact in the OCC during incidents so the

  3. Dispatcher(s) and Controller(s) can focus on service recovery with on-scene incident commander. Responsible for making recommendations to the department manager that will prevent similar incidents in the future or handle them more quickly. Provide Dispatchers and Controllers with feedback after the incident regarding their performance, both positive and/or constructive. Ensure a culture of rapid response and efficiency to any service disruption.

  4. Provide direct supervision and effective leadership to Rail Controllers and Bus Dispatchers, in support of agency goals. Includes managing Dispatcher and Controller role rotation in the OCC between managing radio air, supporting roles, training, and other duties intended to build employee skills.

  5. Assist in development and maintenance of programs for OCC technical systems, including bus dispatch, rail control, CCTV, radio, telephone, paging, and mobile computing systems. Support managing logistics for implementation sequence and schedules, testing, training, and operations cut-over for replacement or modification projects for OCC technical systems.

  6. Adhere to a rotational responsibility to maintain a management presence in the OCC.

  7. Responsible for deploying and directing field supervisory personnel and other resources as needed to recover, restore and maintain customer service. Support TriMet's incident commander, during major special event service and during a major emergency or natural disaster.

  8. Model and hold staff accountable to be sensitive to the special needs of customers, including those from culturally diverse backgrounds, the elderly, persons with disabilities, or other vulnerable populations.

  9. Responsible for the recruitment and managing the performance of one or more of the following: Fare Inspectors, Field Operations Supervisors, Bus Dispatchers and Rail Controllers, Rail Operators, and/or Bus Operators.

  10. Responsible for the effective management of employee and labor relations issues for one or more of the following: Fare Inspectors, Field Operations Supervisors, Bus Dispatchers and Rail Controllers, Rail Operators, and/or Bus Operators, including investigation, documentation and administering disciplinary action as required.

  11. Develop a work environment that is inclusive, respectful and in full partnership with members and officers of the ATU. Ensure consistent application of policies, procedures and labor agreement throughout the workforce. Develop and maintain a productive, principle-based, and creative problem-solving approach to employee and labor relations' issues.

  12. Establish, evaluate and ensure sustained excellence in operational performance through clearly defined objectives and measurements, regular monitoring of performance indicators, and continuous involvement of transportation workforce.

  13. Support the development and implementation of annual goals and budget that support and align with the TriMet business plan. Help establish clear goals, targets, strategic actions and scorecards. Monitor budget expenditures, measure performance goals and recognize achievements.

  14. Contribute to workforce planning for staff (staffing, scheduling and forecasting).

  15. Investigator in charge of basic bus and rail incidents.

  16. Evaluate individual and departmental performance. Provide individual coaching, mentoring and counseling as required to enhance performance. Monitor progress toward achieving individual and collective performance goals, provide feedback and recognize achievement.

  17. Provide leadership in emergency situations. Responsible for coordinating service adjustments and to act as first responders in the field or to the base facility in the event of accidents or service emergencies, service disruptions, inclement weather, natural disasters and special events.

  18. Provide direct supervision and leadership, including competency management, to employees and develop positive rapport with personnel and the public to assure optimal transportation employee performance and safe, courteous and reliable service.

  19. Actively promote and support diversity in the workplace through staffing, promotions, training, and career development. Model respect for diversity in the workplace.

  20. Provide direction and set standards for excellence in internal and external customer service. Promote professional and courteous behavior with a creative approach to problem resolution that creates a positive experience for the customer.

  21. Assist in the documentation, development and implementation of policies, standard operating procedures, communication protocols, business processes, and training programs. Recommend changes as appropriate.

  22. Responsible for performing and supporting CMS assessments including scheduling supervisors and training staff on CMS. Manage and oversee assigned shift activities to ensure and optimized delivery of safe, secure, reliable, and cost cost-effective delivery

  23. Assist in the management of resources including non-revenue vehicles, technical systems, equipment and tools to support effective deployment and service delivery performance. Monitor payroll and budget expenditures, including authorization for overtime.

  24. The position may be required to work in any of the following functions: Bus and Rail Operations (OCC), Bus and Rail Operations (Field Operations), Bus Operations (Transportation), Rail Operations (Transportation) depending on business needs and/or career growth and development.

Position Requirements
Bachelor's degree in Public Administration, Transportation/Logistics, Transportation/Urban Planning or a related discipline.

A minimum of eight (8) years total credited experience. Experience in a transportation, transit, or service related industry with three years in a supervisory role in one of the following area: Control Center, Field Operations, and/or Transportation.

Intermediate skills with Word, Excel, Outlook, database applications and other software applications.

Must possess valid Class C drivers' license and be able to obtain a Class B Commercial Driver's License, with passenger endorsement and without airbrake restriction.

Transit Job Listing - Assistant Manager, Bus and Rail Operations (Operations Command Center)