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Assistant Manager, Commuter Rail Operations

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Location: Wilsonville , Oregon
Job Status: Full-time
Job ID: 108680


Assist in managing Commuter Rail operations, including vehicle maintenance operations and contracted railroad services for Commuter Rail transportation and maintenance of way operations. Assist in coordinating TriMet support services for Commuter Rail operations, including stations cleaning and stations and park/rides facilities maintenance. Assist in assuring compliance of Commuter Rail operations with all applicable regulations of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Ensure a commitment to safety through effective leadership, role modeling and implementing practices that demonstrate that safety is a fundamental value and a priority in all aspects of work. Perform related duties as required.

Essential Functions

1. Assist Commuter Rail Operations Director in managing Commuter Rail vehicle maintenance TriMet employees, including: hiring, administering the Drug & Alcohol testing program, training, supervision, scheduling and assignment of work, safe workplace practices, employee relations, response to employee grievances, and discipline according to the collective bargaining agreement and TriMet policy.

2. Assist in managing Commuter Rail vehicle maintenance operations to meet all requirements of TriMet's Commuter Rail vehicle inspection, testing and maintenance plan as required by FRA regulations, including daily and periodic passenger car / locomotive inspections; monitor FRA hours of service records for our mechanics; daily passenger car / locomotive brake tests; periodic brake equipment maintenance; periodic carbon signaling tests; and passenger car fire safety and on-board emergency equipment and emergency exits inspection, testing and maintenance. Maintain relationships with vehicle systems Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) and vendors to insure FRA required and OEM recommended overhauls are performed on-time, an adequate spare part chain is maintained and expedient systems technical support is maintained.

3. Deliver initial and recurrent training to employees to achieve and maintain FRA-required passenger railcar maintenance qualification, according to TriMet's Commuter Rail vehicle maintenance qualification program, as required by FRA regulations. Manage and deliver all aspects of the training program to include creating training materials, creating lesson plans, scheduling training, administering training and documentation of training per FRA regulations and TriMet protocol. Maintenance training includes classroom and hands-on instruction on locomotive/passenger equipment mechanical, electrical, electro-mechanical, electronic, pneumatic, HVAC and software/network systems to include electrical schematic and mechanical drawing interpretation/navigation, diagnostics using computers and effective troubleshooting practices for all vehicle systems.

4. Assist in managing all related functions for Commuter Rail vehicle maintenance, including shop operations; shipping and receiving; standard operating procedures; administration of the FRA required efficiency testing program; maintenance scheduling, records and information management; parts, materials, tools and shop equipment inventory and procurement; fleet fueling, cleaning and washing; and operations facility cleaning.

5. Assist in managing TriMet's contracted railroad services for Commuter Rail transportation and maintenance of way operations, including coordination with railroad officials, monitoring performance, and reviewing invoices for contracted railroad services.

6. Assist in coordinating TriMet support services for Commuter Rail operations, including stations and park/rides cleaning and facilities maintenance. Act to correct problems and improve performance of Commuter Rail support services by any responsible department.

7. Assist in preparing annual budgets for TriMet's Commuter Rail Department, monitoring expenses to budget, documenting and distributing daily ridership and monthly performance reports and monitoring Commuter Rail performance to service quality and maintenance plan objectives. Act as needed to correct and improve performance.

8. Act as primary engineering/technical support person in support of TriMet's fleet of Commuter Rail vehicles. Develop a vehicle systems' knowledge base that will allow quick and efficient troubleshooting of vehicle problems in order to protect revenue service. Develop and implement vehicle modifications as needed to include mechanical/electrical drawing updates. Work with OEM's to develop and implement software/firmware updates. Maintain software management control plan for vehicle fleet including the management and programming of all on-board intelligent modules and diagnostic computers. Develop and implement maintenance updates, documents, manuals, procedures and forms in support of vehicle maintenance to include on-line documentation.

Position Requirements

Bachelor's degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering or a related field.

A minimum of eight (8) years total credited experience. Progressively responsible experience in passenger/commuter railroad operations, urban rail transit operations or project management in a related field. Management experience in railroad or transit vehicle maintenance desired.

Or any equivalent combination of training and experience.

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