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Director of Special Projects

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Location: Miami, Florida
Job Status: Full-time
Job ID: 104626

Position Purpose:
The purpose of this consultant role is to deliver two main special projects and documents in alignment with MiBus strategic focus, the objectives of the roles are: (1) Review and Redesign the Training System for MiBus with focus on Customer Service Transformation and Driver Safety; (2.) To write a high-quality business case document of Panama Public Massive Transportation project during 2016-2019. This document will collect results obtained during these 3 years of management by a Board of Directors of Mibus that was incorporated at the beginning of 2016, and the document will include the results of a medium – long term strategic future scenarios that will serve as a reflexive basis for the next Board of Directors under the new government administration transitioning.

Key Responsibilities:

Project 1:

  • Analyze MiBus Driver Training Program

  • Conduct assessment/study of the street engineering in Panama vs driver training

  • Oversee and lead the enhancement of training material and development support material; leveraging current program and ensuring creativity and relevance as part of the design

  • Lead the creation of work plans and delegate to a highly effective team capable of consistently developing and delivering learning and training programs

Project 2:
  • Responsible and accountable, as required, for the planning, development and production of business case

  • Prepare business case supporting documents

  • Be required to meet with senior levels and ministerial level briefings on the development of the business case to ensure the quality and accuracy of the documents.

  • Manage interactions with stakeholders/board of directors of TMP, upper management from Mibus and First Transit or any contact that will support the production of a business case for a large, complex and Public Transit-wide projects

  • Part I of the Business case must have the history of Mibus and highlight the economic situation, operations and management structure from the beginning until the end of 2015.

  • Part I should also state the progressive results for undertaking the contract by First Transit de Panama and what were the expected benefits of the project that included a high-level timescales/project plans post 2016 for the next 36 months. This section of the document must include the management results by a Board of Director incorporated at the beginning of 2016 that talks about the new economic chapter, operations functionality and structure.

  • Part II Must Provide 2-3 upper line management work plans scenarios aligned with strategic visions that considers that MiBus is part of a public sector, dependent of state budgets-funding and the need of a guide how to create strong and well define pillars on the continuity of a good financial and operational base.

  • Part II Must give recommendations to the client highlighting the strategic and objectives accomplishments to be achieved in medium and long term

  • Part II of the plan will highlight major risks that are envisaged to possibly impact the business and how to avoid recurring 2015 situation.

Preferred Experience:
  • Demonstrated customer focus (anticipating client needs, effective managing internal client needs and expectations).

  • Experience building and leading high-performing learning and development function, supporting a complex transportation business

  • Considerable experience with Safety in transportation and compliance

  • Recent, direct experience with the latest, most effective driver training programs in curriculum, competency, program design and delivery

  • Practical approach to articulating the future direction and objective of the organization and developing comprehensive implementation plans

  • Demonstrated ability of preparing high quality, accurate business cases or similar documents.

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience with related field on Human Resources and Public Transportation operations required

  • 10 years plus of experience in training and development, talent management, HR and Safety in Massive Public Transportation required

  • Excellent oral and written communications in Spanish speaking required

  • Proven Spanish business writing required

  • Agile and able to work at levels including at high senior line levels

  • Experience with writing a business case for a large government entity

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