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Project Manager, Service Planning

Company: Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) View more listings
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Job Status: Full-time
Job ID: 101975

Manages various transit service improvement and special projects often overseeing professional and technical consultants or staff ranging from individual route modifications to major project initiatives. Example projects include Short and Long-Range Transit Plans, On-Board Surveys, Transit System Redesign enhancements, Smart Columbus Planning initiatives, First and Last Mile program development and Strategic Planning Process. Additional special projects may include Federal Transit Administration (FTA) New and Small Start corridor-based transit projects, including conceptual planning, alternative analysis study, environmental clearance, and Preliminary Engineering. Position is responsible for managing development of COTA’s Title VI Triennial Report and other supporting Title VI analysis ensuring that each service change is analyzed and documented to identify potential service disparity impacts. Arranges and facilitates cross-departmental working groups, cross-governmental partnerships, and institutional relationships to implement innovative transportation solutions. Position communicates priorities to meet project deadlines, provides strategic direction in policy development, and directs major projects to achieve agency goals.


  • Understands federal, state or local requirements necessary for planning, design, and implementation of special projects, including current federal Title VI and Environmental Justice guidelines;

  • Prepares Request for Proposals where professional services are required and participates on evaluation committees selecting the consultant team for professional service contracts;

  • Serves as Project Manager for Transit Service Improvement, Special Projects, Smart Columbus Initiatives, Strategic Planning Development, including FTA New Start Projects (e.g. Bus Rapid Transit, Light Rail, Streetcar), from conceptual planning through selection of a locally preferred alternative and completing the environmental analysis document, preliminary engineering, and project submittal to FTA;

  • Manages and oversees contractor and consultant work. As such, acts as Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manager for these isolated contracts to ensure the third party contractor performs work at a quality level that meets COTA's requirements. Engages internal resources as needed to verify quality performance and successful completion of deliverables;

  • Review and approve invoices from contractors and consultants. Monitors financial reports to ensure proper accounting of project expenditures. Coordinates with appropriate parties to resolve issues;

  • Schedules regular team meetings, documents meeting minutes, assigns and tracks performance of action items, and communicates project status via monthly status reports and/or face to face meetings with internal project stakeholders. For major projects, prepares monthly updates (or as requested) for Board of Trustee review;

  • Works with internal cross-functional team leaders and staff to develop and manage detailed budgets; attends internal and external meetings assisting in educating the community/stakeholders;

  • Coordinates tasks and regularly meets with outside consultants to ensure that projects are on-time and within the project budget;

  • Works with various internal COTA departments to coordinate activities between COTA staff and the consultant team. Examples would include the development of Short and Long-Range Transit Plans, Project Management Plans outlining everyone’s responsibilities for FTA’s review, Public Involvement Plan, Financial Plan outlining project capital and operating costs for 10 to 30 years, Project Schedule, etc.; Maintains complete project documentation as required for federal grant reporting purposes;

  • Identifies opportunities, writes and develops materials for grant applications which may be offered through the region’s local metropolitan planning organization, FTA, or other local, state or federal public entities, foundations, etc.;

  • Manages the development of COTA’s Short and Long Range Transit Plans, as requested makes presentations to general public, community stakeholders, Board of Trustees, etc.

  • Understand current FTA Title VI and EJ regulations and manages Planning Division’s responsibilities for COTA’s Title VI Program and Title VI Triennial Compliance Report. Coordinates compliance activities with internal divisions including but not limited to Legal and Corporate Communications. Oversees Title VI analysis and reporting for each service change (3 times a year), including coordination, review, and approval of assigned staff work. Identifies potential disparate impacts to minority or low-income populations based on Authority policies and develops alternatives for mitigation. Conducts presentations as required to staff, President/CEO and Board of Trustees concerning COTA’s Title program requirements and compliance;

  • Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with citizen groups, organizations, and individuals involved in transit issues to achieve coordinated and cooperative approaches to service development aimed at improving public awareness and operation of existing and future service;

  • Consults with and makes presentations to the Board of Trustees, staff, community or stakeholder groups, and members of the public regarding special projects to achieve agency goals. Facilitates meetings as necessary, answers questions, and ensures documentation of public comments, and follow-up on open items as required; and

  • Consults with and makes presentations to the Board of Trustees, staff, community groups and members of the public regarding special projects to achieve agency goals.

Requires a Bachelor's degree in City and Regional planning, Transportation and Logistics or other related fields and seven (7) years’ experience in transit planning field. Master's degree in City and Regional Planning, Civil Engineering, Masters in Business Administration or other related fields preferred; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


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