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Company: Anchorage Public Transportation Dept.
Job Title:
CFO & Grants Manager
Anchorage, Alaska
Job Status:  Full-time
Salary: $80,000 - $100,000
Job ID: 94574
Website: https://goo.gl/RbsBCo

The Location

The Anchorage Urbanized Zone extends from Knik River as its northern frontier to Potter(s) Marsh on its southern tip. Once you include the non-urbanized area, the Municipality of Anchorage consists of 1,961 square miles and ends at Portage Glacier

The City

Nestled within this wide breadth of land mass is the largest population center of the State of Alaska: City of Anchorage, population 300,000.  For all essential purposes Anchorage is the gateway to the State of Alaska whether it is tourism, trade, or commerce.

The Agency

The Public Transportation Department directly employees 160 FTE’s. Is responsible for operating the largest mass transportation network of any such provider within the State of Alaska. Does so through its three primary brands: People Mover, AnchorRIDES, and RideShare.

As of October 23, 2017 this agency will be one of less than half-a-dozen in the entire United States to have transitioned from a coverage based model to one of frequency. In doing so the agency will have aligned itself with land-use toward the net goal of providing 15 minute headway's on guide-ways that serve as transit oriented corridors for current and future economic development and associated vitality.

In the spirit of collaboration, economic symbiosis, and financial sustainability the objective of the agency is to coordinate transportation solution(s) to the net effect of servicing the citizenry at a sustainable if not profitable cost-point while preparing for the projected challenges to the Public Transportation industry through current and upcoming disruptive models.

The Job

The Public Transportation Department seek(s) a dynamic, fast-paced, solution oriented multi-tasking financial guru committed to a cost accounting methodology that takes the current agency vision and steers it through the mechanics of government based financial accounting with the net result of enabling the agency to continue to tap into opportunity while meeting the Local, State, and Federal criteria on grants, budgets, and contracts.

Successful candidates will be able to operate in a very fast-paced environment with competing deadlines in a calm, calculated, and collected manner. They will be able to leverage the skill set and capacity of their staff in order to meet not only the daily grind but to advance the agency’s vision.

The optimal candidate will be able to provide financial guidance, decipher the hieroglyphics of government accounting to division manager(s) toward the net effect of holding them to their budget/revenue, and, will be a mentor to their staff by training them and ensuring that the organization is well placed as a result of redundancy in information exchange.

Why Apply?

Because you are a self-driven individual that has either proven their mantle or seeks to. You are an individual looking to place your imprint on a system that effects the daily lives of tens of thousands of people and you will get the opportunity to do so.

You get to play hard at work in an urban setting and understand the value of residing in a bountiful place with an abundance of natural resources nearly unfettered from most other places in the world. Whether this is a life-style you already realize or a lifestyle you desire, for your family, or, for yourself-- ultimately you are the type of individual that will take a moose induced traffic jam over a lifestyle consisting of nearly a two-hour commute, each way, because you understand that time is a commodity, once lost, can never be regained--and ours is a timeless land of endless potential.


Interested parties should submit an application by clicking on this link: CFO & Grants Manager

Please carefully read the section labeled ‘example of duties,’ to gain a sound understanding of what culminates the day-to-day work.

Application Deadline is August 18, 2017.

Relocation assistance is available and subject to negotiation.



When applying, mention that you saw this opening listed at TransitTalent.com.