Squeaky Wheels

  • 'Unsavory people' attracted by public transit? Last month, metropolitan Atlanta celebrated an enormous victory for public transportation when suburban Clayton County voted to join the MARTA transit network. But at least two locals reportedly spoke out that they didn't want their neighborhoods to be part of any new transit routes, for fear of drawing criminals to the area. City Lab, Dec. 11
  • Officials ponder transit’s future after Greenlight Pinellas defeat Light-rail trains aren’t the answer. Increasing the sales tax definitely won’t work. But in the wake of the convincing defeat of the Greenlight Pinellas referendum, rejected by 62 percent of voters, Pinellas County transportation officials are searching for ways to improve a public transportation system that is both inadequate and underfunded. St. Petersburg Tribune, Dec. 10

Business Update

  • The company that built streetcars for Seattle and Portland, Ore., is the leading contender to supply Oklahoma City’s MAPS 3 streetcars. INEKON Group of Prague, Czech Republic, edged out an American company, Brookville Equipment Corp., in an evaluation of proposals. Read more...
  • Two familiar names are once again competing for a chance to build a fleet of battery electric buses for Long Beach Transit, including a Chinese company that lost the contract once before. Read more...

Turning Points

  • CATS CEO Carolyn Flowers says exit is 'bittersweet'
    Goodbye, Charlotte. Hello, Washington. Taking a cue, and a key recommendation, from Anthony Foxx, who will be her new boss, Carolyn Flowers ends her five-year run as Charlotte transit chief next month. This week, she called her exit "bittersweet" because of excitement over taking on a federal transit role mixed with sadness over leaving Charlotte. Charlotte Business Journal, Dec. 17
  • Consultant helps Coast RTA get back on track with bus fleet
    It was as recent as October when Coast RTA customers in Conway, S.C., were last dealing with buses breaking down, and some even reported the smell of gasoline while riding the transit vehicles. The Sun News, Dec. 11
  • Concerns raised over armed TTC
    All-door streetcar boarding was pitched as a simple and cheap way to speed up transit service. But the fact that the Toronto Transit Commission has armed fare inspectors watching for fare-jumpers raised some eyebrows. The Globe and Mail, Dec. 10

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